Whoa nelly is there a lot I have to update on today!

First! I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con at table L-14 with my friend Manny Trembley of Fish Tank Books. He’s incredibly talented and we’d love to see you if you’re going! You probably know this already if you’ve “Liked” the Facebook page (and why wouldn’t you, really?)

Second! While I’m there I’ll have… BOOK TWO! Yeah that’s right! Book Two has arrived and it is lookin’ AWESOME. I am totally pleased with the quality of the printer I went with this time. It’ll be available in the store this weekend, I just gotta get a couple of things done first.

Third! It’s vacation time! I’m taking a couple weeks off so I can focus on getting my Kickstarter backers’ books signed, drawn in, packaged, and etc. Also so I can prep for Rose City! Woo comic conventions!

…I think that’s it! But once again let me say how much I enjoy having you all as fans. Thanks for dropping by and reading!