Catbeard the Pirate is the most feared and infamous pirate on the seven seas. He seeks adventure, fortune, and renown, but most of all the legendary treasure of Scurvy Skeen. The Beard is a voodoo curse he’s under, but the two have grown to be inseparable for reasons other than dark magic.

Richard “Gunny” Gunderson is Catbeard’s first mate. Expert in munitions and all things that go boom, Gunny is fiercely loyal to his captain, though he doesn’t much like the Beard (Gunny’s more of a dog person).

Robert Brevis is a jolly pirate who enjoys his work… some would say a bit too much, given his rather gruesome collection of the ears of his foes.

William “One-Eared Bill” Stevenson is an old fellow crewmate of Mr. Brevis’s from a previous pirate crew. Perhaps that’s how his nickname came about…

“Fancypants” Frederick loves ladies and treasure, but neither of these as much as being the finest-dressed pirate on whatever ship he’s serving.

“Big” Jim Rawley is quiet, but cleverer than most of his crewmates give him credit for. His favorite place on the ship is the crow’s nest, because it gives him someplace quiet to think.

“Sealegs” Charity Templeton bought her way onto Catbeard’s crew with a clue to Scurvy Skeen’s treasure. She wants it as much as Catbeard… some might say more. How loyal is she to the crew? Her primary role is cannon duty below decks, but she can rarely be kept away from missions ashore.

Hezekiah Williams is the ship’s (incredibly old) cabin boy. He actually served on Scurvy Skeen’s ship as a cabin boy when the treasure was originally hidden. Hezekiah spent years on an island filled with strange monsters guarding one of Skeen’s thirteen clues, but decided to join Catbeard when they discovered him. He’s happy filling his old duty again, but his years as a survivor have also made him a dangerous fighter.

The Dread Pirate Templeton is Catbeard’s oldest rival, and knew him before he went by the name “Catbeard”. Templeton doesn’t care what his name is, though, because Catbeard’s just another obstacle on the way to Skeen’s treasure. Templeton is among the lowest, most underhanded, and downright nasty pirates alive.

“Mayhem” Miriam is Templeton’s first mate. She’s vicious and just as deadly with a firearm as Gunny, and she’d love to prove which of the two of them would come out on top in a proper pistol duel.