Where it all began! The origin of Catbeard the Pirate!







Isla Gallinas Repugnantes – the first major Catbeard storyline! Catbeard and crew begin their quest for the legendary treasure of Scurvy Skeen on a dangerous island inhabited by some really ugly chickens.






The Tides That Bind! Catbeard and crew must fight off the King of the Sea, who’s out for vengeance!








Claws And Effect – Catbeard and crew are marooned on a mysterious island, and then things take an even stranger turn!





Rise Of The Tiki God – The crew return to their home port to find an invasion of ninja – who say they want an alliance!






On A Spree – Catbeard needs a new ship. What else will they find on this shopping expedition?






The Death Of Catbeard The Pirate – Catbeard is dead!! Or is he? Either way, the crew aren’t going to let it get in the way of their quest, and they’ll just have to retrieve him from the Land of the Dead!





Repugnantes Revisited – The crew must return to the island of dinosaurs, or one of their former members will haunt them forever!





Swords & Sandals – Two mad pirates hold a clue to Skeen’s treasure in their floating colosseum in the middle of the sea. Will Catbeard and crew win the tournament to claim it as their prize?


The Trial Of Sealegs Charity – Sealegs’s secret is out. Will it tear the crew apart in their hour of battle?