Well, I’m back from Rose City Comic-Con!

Rose City is one of my favorite cons. Portland is just full of nice folks, and it seems to attract nice comics professionals. I was seated next to Valentine De Landro, who is an incredible artist and just an absolute sweetheart (He’s working with Kelly Sue DeConnick on a not-so-kid-friendly project, but if you’re interested I’m sure you can figure it out with Google.) Couldn’t have been placed next to anyone nicer. I got to hang out with my old comics friends and made some new ones. It’s just a swell feeling! Had some fun moments including:
Giving Wil Wheaton a copy of the Catbeard Free Comic Book Day issue!
Getting Caroll Spinney’s autograph (and his suggestion that I should go into cartooning upon seeing my Oscar drawing here! AND discovering that he’s an incredible cartoonist! Blew my mind!)
Meeting some of my kid fans, and hopefully creating new ones! Always so exciting for me.

We’re about at 30% funded on the Kickstarter as of this writing. Spread this campaign around, tell your friends, but most of all don’t wait too long! The earlier a campaign gets momentum, the better a shot it’s got at getting its goal.

Thanks for being my readers, and here’s to more Catbeard!