So, a quick explanation.

I got asked what was up with the chickens here on Isla Gallinas Repugnantes, and I thought it was obvious. I sometimes forget that not everyone is a dinosaur enthusiast like me.

The “chickens” are velociraptors. Contrary to what you may have seen on Jurassic Park, velociraptors were quite short compared to human beings, and only came up to about the knee. Recent fossil discoveries have also indicated a covering of feathers. Now, our good captain isn’t a paleontologist, and having only a small carving of a grotesque bird-like creature to go on, has dubbed them “ugly chickens”, which, to be fair, they might’ve looked like. I went a little further by giving them a wattle under their snout.

The bigger “chickens” we see in parts five and six are probably Deinonychus or Utahraptors, which grew much larger and were as big as or bigger than a man.

Looks like Catbeard and crew have their work cut out for them… and who knows what other dinosaurs may be on Isla Gallinas Repugnantes?