Hezekiah has himself a sweet bachelor pad. I bet ALL the ladies…

Oooh. Awkward. Actually, there are no ladies on this island. That’s gotta suck.

So with this page, the Isla Gallinas Repugnantes storyline is, I think, over half finished. I write pretty loosely, usually having a very basic framework that allows me to either cut down or pad the story on the fly. I don’t necessarily recommend this! But in general, it seems to work for me, especially when I am behind like I am right now and I’m drawing the page right before I put it up. Anyway, just realize that we’re on the way back out to sea, just in case you were missing the between-voyage japes. It’s my intent to do Catbeard like this: short, single-or-double-page gags in between longer stories. I’ve got the next five or so thought out, and lots of ideas for gag comics, which I hope will carry Catbeard into the next few years. So if you like it, as far as I know, it’s sticking around for a while!

Happy reading!