Hello to any of my new readers from PAC Con Spokane!
I had a really fun time at that convention. There were a lot of neat folks and I got to show little kids how to draw the derpiest monster ever, as well as getting them all to yell super loud. So that’s fun. Came pretty close to selling out of Book One AGAIN! So if you’ve been hesitating on ordering one, you might want to get on that. And as usual I got to see many of my artist friends and met a couple of new ones! I was seated next to Rob Torno, a really great artist from the area. His stuff might be a little intense for some younger viewers, but I think it’s great; I wish I had half his color sense. And I was on panels with Amelia Davis, who does the comic The Dead Hand Used Bookstore. It’s really cool; she has a unique and lovely style! Check these folks out.
I hope you guys have a great Halloween. If you’re dressing up as a pirate this year, why not post pics over on the Catbeard Facebook Page? ESPECIALLY if you decide to dress up as Catbeard or one of his crew. Oh my gosh. I’d freak out so bad.