The chase is on! Will Sealegs be able to catch the voodoo assassin? Check back on Friday to find out!

So next weekend (October 24-26) I will be at PAC Con here in my hometown of Spokane. This is my last con this season, so please come by and say hi at table C9! If you’re one of my Kickstarter backers, please drop me a message and I can get your Kickstarter goodies ready so you can pick them up at the con, and we can talk about how awesome you are for supporting the printing of Book 3!

Also, if you’ve been wanting a Kitty Roger t-shirt, I’ll have a pre-order button on the Catbeard Store website this coming Friday. It might be a little early for some of you, but I know I’m already getting ready for Christmas… and what could be more Christmasy than a fierce pirate shirt?!