He’s not talking about the pretty wine server. Though she’d probably be worth talking to. She’s got a rich pirate backstory.
Work continues on the next Catbeard book! I’ve been toying with a few design changes for the cover. We’ll see what happens.
If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll already know about this. But just in case you don’t, I’ll post about it here as well.
I’ve had a GoFundMe campaign up on the side of the site for some time now to benefit my friend Jesse Acosta, who’s been battling cancer. This week, that battle finally ended as my old friend died Tuesday night. We’re keeping this campaign going to benefit his wife and infant son, who still have massive medical debts. If you can, chip in even a dollar. Every little bit helps. Jesse was a great artist, a lover of comics, a fantastic dad, and one of my dearest friends, and I’ll miss him.