Hello everyone! I really wanted to get another update done earlier this week, but things got away from me. Especially since yesterday I turned 40! It was a real blast. Went out to breakfast with my roommates, then went to visit my family (who, as per usual, spoiled me good and rotten.) We played a game I’ve been helping develop, then after that I headed home and went out with more friends to see a cheesy movie and have drinks. Didn’t roll into bed until 1 am. All in all I’d say it was about the best dang 40 a man could have.

And if you missed it, I celebrated in another way – by adding a new reward tier to the Catbeard Kickstarter! I added the 6-17 tier, which is a limited reward of 17 copies of Catbeard book one at only 6 bucks each! And if you’re in the USA, that tier is also freely shipped! How cool is that? If you’ve never bought a Catbeard book, there’s a way to start for a much lower price, and if already got Book One but want one to give to a friend, there’s another great option. Spread the word around!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to Book Four!