And we’re back! Sorry for missing last week. If you’re following the Facebook page (and you should be!) you’ll know that I was at the Lilac City Comic-Con on Saturday, which was a lot of fun! Preparation work did leave me a bit unable to get a page made though.
I had an absolute blast drawing a bunch of stuff for folks, seeing a really great Ripley and the Xenomorph cosplayer team, and getting to give Russell Hodgkinson, of Z Nation, the custom Funko Pop that I made of his character. (By the by, if anyone who was there sees this post and took photos or video of him getting it, can you send them to me? I sadly didn’t have my phone with me.) And after the con as I was going to dinner with friends, I ran into Garrison Keillor (of the Prairie Home Companion!) Didn’t even know he was in town but you can bet I got a photo with him!
Thanks to any new readers who may be on the site now because of the con! Kick off your shoes and enjoy the comics. Comment if you’re enjoying them! We cartoonists love your feedback. 🙂