The Catbeard Book Three Kickstarter is live! If you didn’t see the blog post the other day, hopefully you’ll catch this one here.
I’m pretty close already, which means I’m going to start posting stretch goals this weekend in anticipation of making my primary funding goal. If every single person who visits this site on a regular basis threw in something like two bucks, we’d blow the goal sky-high and Book Three would have an amazing launch. If you enjoy Catbeard, please think about aupporting the site in this way! And of course, sharing the campaign via any way you can think of is also a huge help.
I’m gearing up for a great convention at Emerald City Comic Con (don’t forget to come say hi at table K-8), and I also just found out I’ve made it into the Kids Read Comics celebration this June in Ann Arbor, Michigan! I’m really excited to be a part of this event.

Thanks for being loyal readers!