Hi all!
So, a lot’s happened in my life over the past couple of weeks. Let’s get you all caught up.
First, the place I lived burned down on July 6. It was pretty traumatic for everyone at first, especially because nobody could find my little eighteen-year-old cat, Jiji. But thank God, he’s alive and well (he’s sitting on my lap right now!) And really, people and pets are all that matter in a case like that.
I was able to salvage a lot of my stuff, but my furniture and a lot of other items were a total loss. On the plus side, I have renter’s insurance, so I should bounce back from this ok (in a few months when the company finally releases my settlement.) At the moment, though, it’s all in the hands of cleaning companies and I’m living in some friends’ basement.
Unfortunately, some of the things that were totally ruined were all my stock of Catbeard books and T-shirts. So for now, the Store will be closed until I can replace those items. Since I’m almost done with Catbeard Book Four, I’m thinking the next Kickstarter I run will be a dual-purpose campaign to reprint all my previous works along with Book Four.
Now, the folks who owned the home are in even more dire straits than I am – they lost dang near everything they had, and left the house with basically the clothes on their backs. I know all my readers are good, generous people (or at least sure want to be thought of as such, right?) so would you consider donating to their GoFundMe campaign, or at least posting it all over the various social media you inhabit? Thanks!
I don’t make a lot of noise about it, but as some of my readers know, I’m a Christian. Bizarre as it may seem to many of you, I feel like this whole situation is an answer to prayer – I’ve been asking God to draw me closer to His side, and I think this might be doing it. For all of you who’ve been offering verbal, monetary, or other support, thank you! You’ve all been swell.
Now, let’s throw those sails to the wind!