I need to chase some string myself… Too much of me. Ugh.

Stumptown was an amazing show, and I had a ton of fun there. I really loved the atmosphere, and I got to meet some of my online friends, which was very neat (I even ran into Andrew Rothery of the webcomic Tru-Life Adventures, who has been doing his comic for thirteen years! Is that nuts?! What a machine he is!) It didn’t hurt that I did a little better, businesswise, than ECCC. 🙂 I really hope to do that show again next year.

Next week we’ll be starting a brand new storyline in Catbeard! Be on the lookout. Also, I’m working on assembling the files for Catbeard Book Two: Yardarms and Yarn Balls! The Kickstarter will be up at least by June, and then you can be a part of getting the second book up and running. Won’t that be fun? I think it will be.