Peg Periwinkle


The most feared pirate on the high seas! Catbeard loves his Beard and hunting for the legendary treasure of Scurvy Skeen.





Catbeard's Beard! He's a magical creature, but he still needs to eat, sleep, and you guessed it, use the litter box.


Catbeard's first mate! He's a crack shot and has a contentious relationship with the Beard.

Mr. Brevis

Mr. Brevis is as tough as they come. He's known for his collection of ears, which frightens friend and foe alike.

Big Jim

"Big" Jim is the tallest, widest member of the crew. Secretly, he loves to dance.

Fancypants Freddie

Freddie is a fan of looking his best! He is always the most well-dressed on the ship.

One-Eared Bill

Nobody knows how Bill lost his ear, but he is an old friend of Mr. Brevis.

Sealegs Charity

On the hunt for Skeen's treasure, Sealegs joined Catbeard's crew... but she hides a secret! She's the daughter of the dread pirate Templeton!

Hezekiah Williams

The aged Hezekiah was a cabin boy set to guard one of Skeen's clues. He joined Catbeard's crew after his settlement was overrun by angry dinosaurs.


Sig is technically the owner of Catbeard's current ship, The Fearsome Roar. She and the ship joined the search for the legendary treasure of Skeen after Catbeard's first vessel was destroyed by a giant tiki god statue.


Alain is most often in charge of Catbeard's fort. He is mostly a support crewmember.


He's the cook. He likes the Beard a lot.


Lorenzo is a sensitive artist type who mans the cannons below decks.

Hooknose Pete

Hooknose met his end on Isla Gallinas Repugnantes. He was a loyal member of Catbeard's crew.

Zombie parrot

Gunny's zombie parrot. It met its end when it was swallowed whole by a tiki god statue.

Cassandra Cutthroat

An old chum of Catbeard, Cassandra will come to his aid in time of trouble.


Cassandra's captain. He has a contentious but not adversarial relationship with Catbeard.


Catbeard's oldest enemy and rival for the legendary treasure of Scurvy Skeen.

Mayhem Miriam

Templeton's first mate. Like Gunny, she is a crack shot. She's ruthless and dangerous.

King of the Sea

The legendary mer-creature, the King of the Sea! He rules under the waves.


A massive sea creature. Somehow the crew escaped!


This irritating critter was caught by the Beard onboard one day.

Tiki men

The tiki men infested an atoll near Catbeard's fortress.


The ninja is the ancient enemy of the pirate, but sometimes enemies must combine forces!


Magically altered by transformation fruit, the gator man attempts to trap others on his island.

Voodoo assassin

The voodoo assassin was hired by Templeton to take out Catbeard!

Mama Magnolia

The voodoo lady who originally placed the spell on Catbeard. His infamy has brought her a great deal of business!

Baron Samedi

The Baron oversees the Land of the Dead. He bears a grudge against the crew of Catbeard after they ventured there while still being alive.