Being as how St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, I thought I’d do something vaguely related. Stay tuned for more parts!

Also, I got word that the proof copy of Catbeard Book One shipped, so I’m pretty excited to get it! Hope it comes with no errors!

Lastly, we are coming RIGHT UP on the one-year anniversary of Catbeard the Pirate! A whole year! Can you believe it?! I’d love to hear some suggestions for anything I could do for the anniversary, so shout out if you’ve got something.

Thanks for everyone who keeps coming back week to week, and remember that the best way you can show your love for the comic is to recommend it, share it on Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc., etc. Also by throwing HUGE sums of money at me.

Also, don’t forget that I’ll be at the Spokane Comicon on May 19! If you’re even close, why not come by and check it out?

Thanks for reading!