Seriously though, what DO bad guys do with the rest of the bones? I mean, yeah, the skulls are imposing and all. But I’d think whole skeletons would do the job too.

Okay, so next week I’ll only have one update, and rather than it being on Wednesday or Friday, one of my normal update days, I’m splitting the difference and it’ll be on the 21st. But that means I need all of you to look at the page twice that week anyway so my traffic doesn’t take a huge dip. Hahaha, no, kidding. OR AM I.

Also, from time to time I’ll be posting some images from a new comic I’m beginning work on! Here’s a test piece I did the other night. It did not quite turn out the way I wanted, but it’s a test piece for a reason.


I’m really excited to be starting work on this book and I hope you’ll come along for the ride!