Happy Birthday!

What a crazy four years it’s been, eh? Who would have thought in such a short time we’d have seen the media juggernaut that is Catbeard the Pirate explode upon the world scene? How can anyone forget the smash hit film from Dreamworks Animation; the theme park, featuring the interactive 3D pirate ship oceanic roller coaster ride, and then the merch. Oh, the merch! Catbeard was everywhere! The calendars, the video game, the sleeping bag! Whispers that a Broadway production were underway swept across the entertainment world!

I kid, of course. None of those things are true! Catbeard is still a humble webcomic, but I love every minute of it. You guys make it all worthwhile for me, and I get a kick out of every person who comments or tells me that they liked the strip. Still waiting on a cosplayer, though. 😉

Thanks to all of you for supporting Catbeard, and as always, please keep coming back to read his adventures and following my little cast of characters.