I’m starting to wonder if we’ll EVER see Catbeard’s new ship. The one in the establishing shot isn’t it.

One quick thing. We’ll only have one update this week. I’m working on a big project (aren’t I always?) and I need a little extra time. If you come back Friday, though, I should have a little something new for you to gawk at.

Now, let’s talk other pirate media! I finally got to sit down and watch the first two episodes of the new NBC series “Crossbones” with John Malkovich. I have to say that going in cold, I didn’t realize that it was supposed to be set after the most infamous adventures of Blackbeard, with Teach himself hiding out after being presumed dead. That took a bit of getting used to (though at least it does explain why Malkovich’s little goatee is white instead of black). It’s interesting so far. I like Malkovich as an actor, though I don’t know any of the other principal cast members. The cabin boy or whatever he is is totally useless, though, so far providing only some opportunities for very clunky exposition. I’m also finding it unusual that Teach doesn’t even seem to be the main character so far, though I suspect that we’ll eventually see him rise to his former prominence (my friend Brandon and I were chatting about this over text yesterday; props to him for the title on this idea).


I will admit I hope they pick up the action and the pacing a little bit. So far the action has been a tad sparse, and the pacing of the first ep was really choppy. These are pirates! Let’s get ’em out on the sea and swinging some swords, eh?
Did any of you watch it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!