Well, as of this morning, the Catbeard Book Three Kickstarter has been 100% funded! If you were in any way a part of that, I’d like to thank you and welcome you to the crew (and if you were a backer on my previous two books, thanks for being a loyal member!)

Now, what does this mean for the campaign? Well, as of right now there are still 24 days to go. Presently there are 38 backers, and I’d just wager if everyone who comes to the site tweets, blogs, Pinterests, or whatever social media network jargon you fancy, we can get that number to 50 by the end of the week. So, I’m gonna offer an incentive. If we can get 50 backers by the end of the week, I’ll add a special “Dirty Dozen” limited reward tier (to represent the 12 people I’d need to make 50) to the campaign at the $30 level which will not only get you a signed, sketched-in copy of the book, but a cool set of Catbeard “Wanted Poster” postcards from places all over the world where Catbeard has been committing random acts of piracy.

So if you’re a Catbeard fan, get spreading the word! I’d love to have to think up even more stretch goals too! 🙂